Roof vents

Roof vents from WIRPLAST

Since 1994, WIRPLAST has been offering the highest quality roofing ventilation systems in the construction industry for all most popular type of roofs:

  • Fibre cement corrugated sheet roofs
  • Concrete tile roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Bitumen shingle roofs
  • Standing seam metal roofs
  • Trapezoidal Roofs
  • Low Pitched Roofs / Flat Roofs

The system includes various types of roofing ventilation and other roof outlets to provide drainage, antenna, cable and any other discharge through the roof cover.

In order to choose the right vent or other type of outlet which suits your roof, indoor area and your needs, we recommend you getting in touch with WirplastBaltic Ltd professional and experienced consultants!

Roofs vents – provide indoor air circulation. They protect the building from fungi and reduce humidity. They also extend the service life of the construction.

Roof space vents – provide ventilation of under roof space.

Antenna Outputs – make roof antenna installation easy, fast and secure, and ensure hermetic sealing of tubes of various sizes.

Solar pass-trough – make installation of solar panels and cables of different sizes easy, fast and secure.

Sewer Vent Outletsremoves unpleasant odors from the sewer-system pipes in order to keep fresh air at home

Wirplast roof outlets – verified quality worldwide!!